Advances in cancer research achieved in 2023 with the suppor


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Advances in cancer research achieved in 2023 with the suppor

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Cancer is the most important social and health problem in the world; 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will have cancer during their lifetime . In order to reverse these data and exceed 70% cancer survival in 2030 , the Association has allocated 104 million euros to 565 grants so that Spanish researchers continue developing their work in our country.

Throughout 2023, more than 300 research results have been achieved (almost one daily) thanks to the support of the Association, the private and social entity that currently allocates the most funds to cancer research in Spain.

These results allow progress in the prevention, diagnosis Avalet 20 mg (Avatrombopag) and treatment of all types of cancer, increasing survival and improving the quality of life of people with cancer.

We tell you the results of some of the projects we support!

Breast milk could allow early detection of breast cancer
Dr. Carolina Ortiz , together with other researchers from the Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO), has demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to detect breast cancer, the most common tumor in women worldwide , in stages. early by analyzing breast milk, since it contains DNA from the tumor (even if breast milk contains tumor DNA, it is not possible to be infected)


The progress achieved in this project, supported by State Lotteries and Betting through the Spanish Association Against Cancer, opens the doors to developing a non-invasive and early diagnostic tool during the postpartum period, even before mammograms.

Advances to reduce resistance to chemotherapy treatment in patients with colorectal cancer
In Spain, colon cancer is the most common type of cancer and the second with the highest mortality, only behind lung cancer. Projects such as the one carried out by Dr. Jenniffer Linares, from the Hospital del Mar Research Institute, are essential to achieve more effective treatments that do not generate resistance and with fewer side effects.
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